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    Your donation will directly support me to continue making videos and blogging!

    Bitcoin: 38xsWCisXAQnyw7nncoPDJdZBtRpt2URX8
    Bitcoin Cash: qz49xcxwd0xfup75hj7zfxgm5art4a9q9cfktm55u4
    Ethereum: 0xba31050d4B3a607978bFF45F493bE9264af56af3
    Litecoin: MFfvSS7kvcbeLpekNsf2LuAvxDxvw7kA1c


    Currently my wife and I produce 8 – 10 videos for YouTube per month and write 8 – 10 blog posts per month between www.sfounderground.com and Eatingthaifood.com.

    Your?donation will greatly contribute to our projects!

    Thank you, we are grateful for your support,
    – Mark and Ying Wiens

    Thank you!